How to protect the sand dust?

At the same time, make sure that the light transmissive performance is good, so as not to hinder the line FFP2NR Respiratory mask of sight. . The mask with dust-proof, dust is selected to reduce dust and granules in the inhalation; wear wind-resistant glasses, reduce the probability of the wind and sand. In addition, the room is full of dust, it should be cleaned in time, wipe it with a wet cloth, so as not to cause the indoor dust and breathing.

First, timely cleaning the body, pay attention to the laundry. When the sandstorm and dust storm "strong combination" will appear sandstorms.Spring dry dust weather frequent, especially the northwestern part, North China will encounter the dust dust from time to time, and the air is filled with the smell of the nose. In addition, with the yarn towel, the head is covered, protect the bipard, and avoid direct exposure to the dust in the body. If the situation is serious, you should go to the hospital in a timely visit.

Wipe with flowing water as soon as possible or gently wipe with a clean wet towel, not only keep the eye moist and easy to dust, but also the role of anti-infection. So what do sandstorms do? How to protect the sand dust? What should I do with sandstorm? How to protect the sandstorm - the harm of sandstorms is the wind, the second is the dust.

After the laundry is relentless, it should be cleaned immediately. Use clean water, and clean the nasal cavity carefully, you can use the nose to gently draw the water, then remove the water, so it can be cleaned the nasal cavity, blocking the particles into the lungs, but also stimulates the acupoint, regulates physiological function, protects the nose. Sandstorms not only affect transportation, but also affect our physical condition, sandstorm rope of our human skin, eye, nasal and lung influences are not to be underestimated.

At the same time, replace the clothes in time and immediately clean it, pay attention to the selection of Chinese medicine detergents with sterilization efficacy to avoid secondary pollution in chemicals. If the dust enters your eyes, avoid using your hand, so as not to cause bacterial or viral eye disease. Second, go out to wear Qi Quan to protect the body from bacteria to invade the door, it is best to wear a full-deputy armed, wear dust masks, wind-resistant glasses, hats and silk towels. 

Inside the mask should be in advance

Inside the mask should be in advance, so as to prevent the outer layer as the inner layer during the second time. The gauze of the mask should not be less than the four layers, more than six layers, usually based on the gauze mouth cover of the five-layer gauze.

Because the outer dust, the bacteria density is large, and FFP3NR Disposable protective masks it is easy to infect bacteria. The mask should not be used continuously for a long time.The dust in the air and the mist sprayed, the cough, the spray, and the pathogenic bacteria and virus, etc. The mask used by the patient can be disinfected with a solution for 10 minutes, or soak it for more than an hour with 5% to Suer.

The purpose of wearing gauze mask is to prevent these dust-in-flavored airborne respiratory, reduce the chance of disease. But you must use the gauze mask correctly to achieve these purposes.The size should be appropriate, so that the principle of sucking the mouthny is too small, there is a partial air to enter the hole from the edge of the mask, thereby reducing the role of the gauze mask. It is unreliable to disinfect light in sunshine.

The mask of a healthy person, wash it with soap, so dry, do not use vigorously. The gauze mask should be folded in the inner surface after the gauze mask, and the clean handkerchief or paper bag is ready for use, do not hang it on the head and neck

The protective product is prevented from being ignited

Flame retardant properties: The protective product is prevented from being ignited, flame burning and fuel performance. The filter material consists of a fiber filled and the respiratory dust less than 5 microns is attracted by static electricity during the process of passing through such filtration. The effect of dust eliminating dust is reached, and there is no microparticle ultrasonic sealing edge.

Small breathing resistance and wear hygiene. 8., are blocked, and unshaled without being sucked into the body. Lightweight, comfortable, tasteless, no glass fiber, waterproof, no irritating skin. Disinfection: Kill or remove the pathogenic microorganisms on the media with physical or chemical methods to achieve harmlessness. Harmful aerosols, including dust, fog drops, smoked and vapor, etc.

When people choose, they don't know how it is good. Want to understand the characteristics of medical masks? Below, the manufacturer is coming to everyone.Nowadays, the mask has a wide variety. Filtering function: Under the predetermined conditions, the protective product filters the particulate matter in the air. The characteristics of these medical masks, let us feel unbelievable, you can read such a small medical mask. What make up?

In fact, it is consisting of a mask fac body and a tension zone, wherein the mouthpiece is divided into internal, middle, outer layer, the inner layer is a general gauze or nonwoven fabric, and the medium layer is ultrafine polypropylene FFP3NR masks fiber meltblown material layer, outer layer For nonwoven or ultra-thin polypropylene meltblown material layer.

Medical masks have the following characteristics:Now let you introduce you to the medical mask.Soft and comfortable adjustable nose. This medical mask is hydrophobically breathable, and the micro-belt virus aerosol or harmful dust filter Harmless wear comfort. To the dust removal. Sterilize: Kill all microorganisms on the media with physical or chemical methods to achieve sterility

Excessive or too small during the wearing of the gauze mask

The gauze mask is not optic, suitable for the baby, when used, due to its good flexibility, the gauze mask can be dispensed, and the baby is wiped and then suitable, this is the common method of the old man, is an experience. .Now this season is a bright spring, the weather is fine, suitable for the long time of going to the green, and the pollen, dust such as pollen and dust from the air brought an adverse effect, so we also It will choose to wear a gauze mask, then which role is to the gauze mask to the allergic population of air (including pollen)?

After the body wears a gauze, it is like a "filter barrier" to the respiratory tract. However, if you have Disinfectant Cotton Pad a long walked gauze mask, it will feel very feeling, and it is easy to make the nasal mucosa fragile, so that the original physiological function of the nasal cavity can be lost, but other diseases may cause other diseases. in the air from the gauze mask on the gap on the gap on both sides of the gauze, thereby affecting the filtration of the gauze mask. Excessive or too small during the wearing of the gauze mask, there is a possibility of entering pollen, pathogen, dust, dirt, etc.

The filtering effect of the gauze mask is in the nose, because people are generally closed when people are not talking, but someone is a gauze mask to breathe, and the nosh is dewed outside the mask, which lost the gauze mask protection The role of the respiratory tract, so it is very important to choose the size of the size and the thickness of the gauze mask. effect.

Because of the pollen, dust such as pollen, dust in the air is very tenacious, and mainly by air and foam contact, it is generally recommended to wear 12-slice gauze mask, and the 16-layer gauze mask is also common in pharmacies. It is filtered to filter the inhaled air, so that a large amount of dust, bacteria, virus, and various harmful gases in the air cannot enter the human body

Speaking of the wearing of ordinary masks

When wearing a mask, first place the absorbent side of the inside of the mask to your face and cover your mouth and nose; use ear hooks or elastic bands to fix it; if you have a nose clip, press it from the beginning to fix it. Use both hands after the The index finger, starting from the position of the nose clip, move to both sides to make the nose clip match the shape of the bridge of the nose, and the medical mask can be close to the face.

Hold the mask with your hands and place the nose clips on the medical FFP2NR Respiratory protective mask Manufacturers mask at both ends of the nose, so that the mask belt can hang freely; Put the fixing strap above the medical mask on the head, and put the mask strap below the ears; Let the medical The nose clip on the mask upwards, and then cover the mouth and nose; Wearing a medical mask according to the above steps can effectively prevent the invasion of germs and viruses, and well protect the personal safety of the staff.

Bijing Hospital is a place with the most germs, and some bacteria are infectious. Before wearing a medical mask, wash your hands to ensure that your hand hygiene meets the standard requirements; It is a treasure for medical staff.Speaking of the wearing of ordinary masks, we may say that it is very casual, because it mainly prevents the spread of dust in the air and can filter the dust particles in the air to a certain extent, but when it comes to wearing medical masks, it can’t be so casual. In order to make medical masks play a preventive role, they need to be worn according to the following steps when wearing them