The protective product is prevented from being ignited

Flame retardant properties: The protective product is prevented from being ignited, flame burning and fuel performance. The filter material consists of a fiber filled and the respiratory dust less than 5 microns is attracted by static electricity during the process of passing through such filtration. The effect of dust eliminating dust is reached, and there is no microparticle ultrasonic sealing edge.

Small breathing resistance and wear hygiene. 8., are blocked, and unshaled without being sucked into the body. Lightweight, comfortable, tasteless, no glass fiber, waterproof, no irritating skin. Disinfection: Kill or remove the pathogenic microorganisms on the media with physical or chemical methods to achieve harmlessness. Harmful aerosols, including dust, fog drops, smoked and vapor, etc.

When people choose, they don't know how it is good. Want to understand the characteristics of medical masks? Below, the manufacturer is coming to everyone.Nowadays, the mask has a wide variety. Filtering function: Under the predetermined conditions, the protective product filters the particulate matter in the air. The characteristics of these medical masks, let us feel unbelievable, you can read such a small medical mask. What make up?

In fact, it is consisting of a mask fac body and a tension zone, wherein the mouthpiece is divided into internal, middle, outer layer, the inner layer is a general gauze or nonwoven fabric, and the medium layer is ultrafine polypropylene FFP3NR masks fiber meltblown material layer, outer layer For nonwoven or ultra-thin polypropylene meltblown material layer.

Medical masks have the following characteristics:Now let you introduce you to the medical mask.Soft and comfortable adjustable nose. This medical mask is hydrophobically breathable, and the micro-belt virus aerosol or harmful dust filter Harmless wear comfort. To the dust removal. Sterilize: Kill all microorganisms on the media with physical or chemical methods to achieve sterility

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