How to protect the sand dust?

At the same time, make sure that the light transmissive performance is good, so as not to hinder the line FFP2NR Respiratory mask of sight. . The mask with dust-proof, dust is selected to reduce dust and granules in the inhalation; wear wind-resistant glasses, reduce the probability of the wind and sand. In addition, the room is full of dust, it should be cleaned in time, wipe it with a wet cloth, so as not to cause the indoor dust and breathing.

First, timely cleaning the body, pay attention to the laundry. When the sandstorm and dust storm "strong combination" will appear sandstorms.Spring dry dust weather frequent, especially the northwestern part, North China will encounter the dust dust from time to time, and the air is filled with the smell of the nose. In addition, with the yarn towel, the head is covered, protect the bipard, and avoid direct exposure to the dust in the body. If the situation is serious, you should go to the hospital in a timely visit.

Wipe with flowing water as soon as possible or gently wipe with a clean wet towel, not only keep the eye moist and easy to dust, but also the role of anti-infection. So what do sandstorms do? How to protect the sand dust? What should I do with sandstorm? How to protect the sandstorm - the harm of sandstorms is the wind, the second is the dust.

After the laundry is relentless, it should be cleaned immediately. Use clean water, and clean the nasal cavity carefully, you can use the nose to gently draw the water, then remove the water, so it can be cleaned the nasal cavity, blocking the particles into the lungs, but also stimulates the acupoint, regulates physiological function, protects the nose. Sandstorms not only affect transportation, but also affect our physical condition, sandstorm rope of our human skin, eye, nasal and lung influences are not to be underestimated.

At the same time, replace the clothes in time and immediately clean it, pay attention to the selection of Chinese medicine detergents with sterilization efficacy to avoid secondary pollution in chemicals. If the dust enters your eyes, avoid using your hand, so as not to cause bacterial or viral eye disease. Second, go out to wear Qi Quan to protect the body from bacteria to invade the door, it is best to wear a full-deputy armed, wear dust masks, wind-resistant glasses, hats and silk towels. 

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