Inside the mask should be in advance

Inside the mask should be in advance, so as to prevent the outer layer as the inner layer during the second time. The gauze of the mask should not be less than the four layers, more than six layers, usually based on the gauze mouth cover of the five-layer gauze.

Because the outer dust, the bacteria density is large, and FFP3NR Disposable protective masks it is easy to infect bacteria. The mask should not be used continuously for a long time.The dust in the air and the mist sprayed, the cough, the spray, and the pathogenic bacteria and virus, etc. The mask used by the patient can be disinfected with a solution for 10 minutes, or soak it for more than an hour with 5% to Suer.

The purpose of wearing gauze mask is to prevent these dust-in-flavored airborne respiratory, reduce the chance of disease. But you must use the gauze mask correctly to achieve these purposes.The size should be appropriate, so that the principle of sucking the mouthny is too small, there is a partial air to enter the hole from the edge of the mask, thereby reducing the role of the gauze mask. It is unreliable to disinfect light in sunshine.

The mask of a healthy person, wash it with soap, so dry, do not use vigorously. The gauze mask should be folded in the inner surface after the gauze mask, and the clean handkerchief or paper bag is ready for use, do not hang it on the head and neck

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